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Welcome to the Friends of the Roseburg Public Library Website

Library hours: 
Tu/Th 11 - 8
W/F 11-5   
Sat  10-2

Do you love books?

   Do you love libraries?

     Do you want your children to love books and libraries?  

Then team up with us. We all share a common passion. We want to ensure that the Roseburg Public Library becomes a vibrant, up-to-date resource in our community, enriching our lives in countless ways.

We are your friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

       We are parents, business people, teenagers, retirees.

             And we are making a difference.

Do you ever buy anything at Amazon.com?  Then here's an easy way you can make a difference. Use the link below to connect to Amazon.com. The library receives a small commission from every sale made through this link.  The library benefits.  You benefit.  And it didn't cost you a penny more.

The next book sale Dec 5 - 7    click here for details!!